Positive thinking

The brain is an adaptive machine. It has been shown that meditation (specifically one that focuses on sensations) can increase the size of brain regions associated with attention and perception. Likewise, it can be assumed that living your life with focus on different things could lead to increasing in various areas of the brain. This actually coincides well with the self organizing theories mentioned in a previous post about the conscious observer.

How do you live your life? Do you focus on the things that you want to develop? Or do you constantly focus on the negative aspects – problems, unfulfilled desires, etc.? Which parts of your brain do you activate more and thus grow?


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  1. Ariel on

    So True, You can use every moment of your life,
    waiting in line somewhere, sitting in a lecutre you’ve stopped following :), just focusing your conciousness on what you want to develop, rather
    than just letting your mental energy disipitate in all directions. I did all kinds of imagery excersises in the past. Currently, I mainly
    try to bring my conciousness as much as possible to the present moment and what I’m doing right now, and the more I do this, the more effective the doing becomes

  2. Ariel on

    An example of something specific I used to do, is
    to sit down, and for a certain amount of time,
    say half an hour, focus on the feeling of what it would be like to be someone who gets laid like a rockstar:)

  3. Ran Halprin on

    Someone like a grad student? Or maybe it was only grad students in social sciences? Makes u wonder…

    I guess it could become tedious, rock stars probably dream about solving complexity problems once in every few groopie orgys.

  4. Ariel on

    Exactly.. That’s why you have to sacrifice a lot
    of orgys as a Weizmann student, even though the repeated rejection by computer scientists and mathematicians is hard on the girls, you have to be strong..

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