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The Tenth Dimension

Ever wonder how many dimensions exist? Ever read the wonderful book “Flatland: A romance of many dimensions” by Edwin Abbot?

This animation presents clearly and consicely the theory of Ten Dimensions, which is (to my best understanding) at the basis of String theory and M-theory. It is actually not very relevant to this blog, except that it shows how a simple logic stream can give beautiful and unexpected results.


Free Will – another opinion

Jonah Lehrer from The Frontal Cortex believes that free will exists. I can’t say that the post’s information has much relation to that topic, but he does bring about some interesting notes about the plasticity and chaos in the human brain.

Regarding free will, in order to claim that there exists free will, we need to claim that there exists some “I” which can have this will. Each and every one of us claims that they have this “I” (in fact, it is the only thing a person can be sure of), but since we can’t even prove that it exists for another person (or animal), how can we give it traits such as “free will”?